Up-rooting and re-planting

Hebrews 12:15: Let no-one become like a bitter plant that grows up and causes many

troubles with its poison.

Gardening involves decisions. Sometimes ruthless one. There are plants which I have to uproot and discards, as they have grown wild, thorny, and threaten to choke or block the light  the smaller plant.

I have replanted seedlings and mature plants, moving them to a part of the garden where they will take root, and flourish, and add to the composition of that part of the garden.

 Four  years ago  we were uprooted. Two years into retirement and our lives were much the same as they had been for years, minus the paid work. We talked idly about moving from the crowded South East of England, to somewhere quieter, gentler, with less traffic. My husband, a Welshman, harboured a hankering to return to his roots. I was unsure, yet I felt that God had some plan up his sleeve for our retirement years.

The decision to uproot and replant ourselves in a small community in mid Wales was sudden, dramatic. Once the decision was made we quickly found a house we love. Our old family home` in suburbia sold within a fortnight. I say we uprooted ourselves, but in reality, God dug us up and replanted us here. Our roots are growing daily, driving deeper into the soil of the community. We have been welcomed into a small but loving Church family.

In recent weeks the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to a halt the social activities we usually enjoy. We have, however , experienced a real sense of community as people work together, shopping, visiting, encouraging and keeping in touch via phone and various video platforms. Our weekly Zoom  church service brings together our regular congregation, plus others who for whatever reason would not attend Church. Encouragement indeed, and cause for praise that we are rooted here for the duration.

Published by helenlathbury

Erstwhile teacher, amateur writer, musician and gardener. I write about local history, short stories and articles. My novella, Clara, is the first of four related stories about women whose livesbecome intertwined over the course of a four generations.

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